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什么是FOC?在您对最喜欢的Bowhunting网站进行深入研究以粗俗地使用亵渎语言的想法之前,这只是一种吸引人的方法,可以吸引您关注最新工具以帮助您成为最佳的Bowhunter。除了为您带来宝贵的内容,技巧和策略外,Bowhunting.com乐于为您提供 offer a “hands-on”这个工具可以帮助您做出最佳决策,这是您今年秋天将要使用的最重要设备之一…。您的箭头。毕竟,除了the子外,这是唯一触及您奖杯的东西 standing down range.

 FOC 1

当你的箭’s 中心前面 is optimal, fieldpoints and broadheads are capable of identical performance.

When it comes to poor arrow flight, unfortunately most of 的 blame gets placed on broad在 the business end of 的 arrow in question. Of course, 的 problem couldn’t possibly be 的 我们可以控制的结果。不,一定是 另一个设计错误的海德堡’t fly right…对?好吧,不完全是。
When it comes to arrow flight and broadhead performance most of 的 blame should land squarely on our shoulders. After all, we are 的 ones piecing together 的 bow rig; more specifically, matching broadheads with arrows, and arrows to bow. And 的re my friend is where 的 problems begin. Unless 的 matchup is ideal, top performance will never be reached and “poor design” will likely become our scapegoat. However, 的 truth is one of 的 most important factors 影响箭的飞行(尤其是broad头) is the 您当前箭头所携带的FOC数量。


准确性就是一切。如果您当前的设置不是’t performing how you wish, 的 problem may not be 的 broadhead, but instead 的 result of poor FOC.

如果所有这些听起来都很熟悉,那么您’re not alone. For many bowhunters, trying to find 的 perfect broadhead/arrow relationship is akin to finding a 200 inch whitetail. 但是,Bowhunting.com希望 让您更轻松。我们要你 to get started in 的 right direction when it comes to arrow flight and performance. But let’面对现实,如果你不这样做’t know what you are working with, how can you possibly know how to fix 的 problem.


可以完成预期功能的设备 建立信心。对您的设备充满信心 肯定会导致较短的血丝和更大的笑容。

FOC是该短语的首字母缩写“Front Of Center”它指的是弓箭手用来确定其头部与箭矢之间的关系是否有机会的过程。  Essentially, it is the percentage difference between 的 “physical” midpoint of 的 arrow and 的 center of gravity (balance point) of 的 arrow—-as compared to 的 overall length. An arrow’s 中心前面 weight is critical in attaining optimal flight because if 的 center of gravity and center of pressure on 的 arrow are too close to one another 箭头会在飞行中变得不稳定。 

那么这对那个时代的人意味着什么’t sceintists? This means that if more of your total arrow weight is in 的 front half of your arrow, you will get better arrow flight. Before discussing how to get more weight up front, let us figure out how to get 的 proper measurements.

Overall arrow length is measured from 的 front of 的 shaft to 的 throat of 的 nock. The throat of 的 nock is 的 portion that sits directly against 的 string. Make sure this measurement does not include 的 tip or broadhead length.

To measure for 的 balance point, insert 的 tip or broadhead into 的 insert and balance 的 arrow on a single point. A block of wood (as shown in 的 photo) works very well, you can also use 的 rounded (tube)portion of a ball-point pen as your balance point. When 的 arrow is balanced, mark 的 balance point with a pencil and measure from 的 pencil mark to 的 throat of 的 nock.


Correct way to find 的 balance point of an arrow.

Now that you have 的se measurements, you are ready to utilize Bowhunting.com ’s new FOC计算器.  可以在我们的 资源资源 drop-down list at 的 top of 的 page. Find it, use it, and get 的 facts about your current setup. Keep in mind that proper arrow spine, arrow rest tuning and proper shooting form are also key elements when trying to achieve 的 best arrow flight.


The final step, how do archers increase 的ir FOC percentage?  There are only two ways to increase 的 FOC percentage; add weight at 的 front or decrease weight at 的 rear of 的 arrow.  Decrease weight at 的 rear isn’就像增加体重一样容易。 您仍然需要一个小技巧和轻拍,但可以选择不包卷或拍摄较小的轻拍。  To add weight up front you can increase your broadhead weight, add weighted inserts inside 的 arrow shaft or buy heavier threaded inserts where 的 arrow tips screw into.


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