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地块划分…that’s a mouthful of vowels 那 simply means keeping crops separate. With the increasing number of hunters planting food plots for wildlife, the need for some of us competitive minded folks to take farming for wildlife to another level has also risen. The days of just simply tossing a bag of grain bin floor sweepings out on plowed up field are over. With all of the research 那 has taken place over the last 15-20 years on the importance nutrition plays in the quest for healthier and bigger deer, gamekeepers have a lot of resources at their disposal to know what, when, where, why, and how to grow crops 那 are going to benefit their deer herd and other wildlife.

CP实验室试纸在同一区域中进行分区或种植几种农作物有许多优点。不管你住在白尾鹿的哪个地方’s range, your deer are going to go through several changes in their nutritional needs in the course of a year. Having a diversity of crops planted on your property 那 meet these needs increases the attractiveness of your land and your chances of holding quality deer. 地块划分 works best when you have larger fields to work with, 3 acres seems to be a good starting point. This doesn’t mean you can’请勿在较小的领域使用此技术,但会限制其有效性。


豆子& Blind Spot

下一步的种植步骤可以真正帮助您将地块与平均水平区分开,并提高鹿的安全感。在春末/夏初的植物中,田间周长以每年高的速度增长,这将对田间进行筛选,并提供从树林或灌木丛到田间的良好过渡区域。为了实现其目的,该外围筛网仅需为拖拉机宽度的1-2宽即可。 Blind Spot是一种出色的种子融合剂,可轻松生长7至12英尺高的屏幕效果。我还喜欢使用盲点条来划分字段的各个部分。这样可以实现两个目标:1)鹿感觉更安全,因为从他们的角度看,田地显得更小; 2)使您的种植分开,并增加了田地的多样性。使用高大的屏幕来划分您的植物可以在适合您田地形状的任何方向或设计上进行。盲点也可以用作一种很好的方法,将您的方法隐藏在周围的不同看台上。它不仅是隐藏您的入口的好方法,而且还可以使用“盲点”来隐藏可能会看到您的地块的道路或爱管闲事的邻居的地块视图。

豆图You can also utilize native warm season grasses as a more long term, perennial option for your screening and partitioning fields. These also require some management and attention to ensure a good stand 那 meets your goals. Nativ Nurseries Barrier Blend was designed with this purpose in mind. It contains varieties such as Big Bluestem, Alamo Switchgrass, Iron Weed, Maximillian Sunflower, and White Wingstem 那 will average 7-10 ft in height.

所以现在我们在夏末’s time to start preparing the rest of the field into cool season annuals. In addition to the perennials, we need to create some more early and mid season forage. Over the last couple of years, my go to combination for this is a mix of oats and Deer Radish. These two crops are great companions and are extremely attractive during 那 September-November time period. Of the 4 acres we have remaining available to plant in this scenario, I would plant two of them in this oats and radish combo. Depending on what state you are planting in, this is a mid-late August planting for the middle of the country.


One more option 那 you can look into when separating or partitioning plots is the use of soft or hard mast producing trees. Depending on the species of trees planted and where you live, you can add early or late season appeal to your plot with mast producing trees 那 drop their acorns or fruit at key times of the season. Instead of planting the trees in typical orchard fashion, they can be planted in wide spaced rows 那 allow for easier viewing and are not so close 那 you can’不要用拖拉机和农具对他们进行机动。当种得足够宽时,有些人甚至会在树行之间使用该区域种植不同的粮食作物。



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